About Curtis Robertson

It is said that to provide an excellent product, you must know how to utilize that product. Curtis Robertson has made a name for himself in the industry as a superior craftsman of custom pool cues, but he is also an avid player himself.

For over 42 years Curtis Robertson has been playing pocket billiards. As a world-class touring pool professional, he’s known for his trick shots. Curtis has competed in two separate Artistic Pool World Championships, the U.s. Open and three separate Dr. Cue Artistic Pool Cup events. Curtis is world Ranked in Artistic Pool.

As a professional player, Curtis understands the care and skill that must go into every pool cue he crafts. He knows the techniques that provide precision performance that make his cues unique to his owners. He tests his craftsmanship by playing with cues he’s crafted for himself and constantly strives to improve his brand.

Curtis is a proud member of the American Cue Makers Association and has been so for over five years. Currently Curtis is the only member of the ACA to craft custom cues and compete professionally at the same time. Collectors and players from all over the world have sought out Curtis’s craftsmanship because of its unsurpassed superiority.

A Reputation of Excellence

Robertson Custom Cues produces only 30 to 40 custom cues per year. These exclusive cues are hand-crafted and offer exceptional craftsmanship that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. Every cue is unique and playability is paramount when creating these one-of-a-kind pieces. Through Robertson’s exclusiveness has come a reputation of industry excellence that spans throughout the world. Robertson Custom Cues is the perfect avenue for avid players and collectors looking for superior quality and higher-end custom cues.

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